Ed Taylor

Archived: November 15, 2007 11:05pm PST

On the afternoon of Saturday, September 15, 2007, near Corbett OR, on the road to Larch Mountain, club member Ed Taylor was involved in a fatal collision with an oncoming vehicle.

Although riding at a moderate pace, Ed's sidecar (pictured here) tipped up in a right hand curve. As Ed corrected course, he crossed the center line and hit the front and side of an oncoming wide bed truck. The driver of the truck did what he could to avoid an accident by moving over as far as possible.

Ed was severely injured with fractures of both his left arm and leg and possible internal injuries. He was attended to within minutes of the accident by emergency crews and then taken to Emanuel Hospital, Portland OR, via Life Flight but did not survive his injuries, passing away during the flight.

Our thoughts go out to his family, fiancee and those who witnessed the accident. We also spare a thought for the driver of the truck who must have been in shock and express our gratitude to the men and women of the FD and ER crews who fought valiantly to keep Ed with us.

Ed was a regular attendee at club breakfasts and campouts. He was a character, enthusiast and craftsman who died doing what he loved most, motorcycling with or without a sidecar.

He truly will be missed.

A funeral service for Ed was held Sunday, September 23rd, and a memorial get together was held Saturday, September 29th, 2007 in Oregon City, hosted by Jack Fassel from the Bigfoot Sidecar Club, of which Ed was a keen member.

A few days after Ed's passing, Ed's daughter Kimberly gave birth to his grandson, Noah Edward Francia, pictured here at two weeks of age: