Bill Hallsworth

Archived: July 7, 2012 12:00am PDT

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 24, 2012, near Pendleton OR, USA on Hwy 37, a fellow Moto Guzzi rider was involved in a fatal accident.

Bill had attended the 2012 MGNOC Oregon State Rally and was returning home to Canada with a group of friends he had been with at the event in John Day. As of this writing, the cause of the accident is unknown, but Bill drifted into the verge and lost control, coming to rest on the edge of the neighboring cornfield. Bill was an experienced rider, instructor and founder of the Stradavarious Moto Guzzi Riders Group. There will be a celebration of life at 1:00pm on July 8, 2012 at the Valley Yamaha at 44210 Yale Road West in Chilliwack, BC. Bill will be very much missed by family and friends, one of whom, Terry, wrote the words that follow in his memory.


We were the better for knowing you, Bill
Riding the curves, riding the hills
You loved to ride on a sunny day
If it was wet you were game anyway
You liked to smile, you liked to laugh
When Foreman was passing gas
Febreeze you brought on the trip for him
To freshen the room when lights went dim
You shared your room with me on this trip
You and Kiwi, it didn't matter a flip
We had our laughs, we had our talks
As we perused the Guzzis on our walks
You laughed that night, until there were tears
I will remember it well for the rest of my years
There was the time that the toilet wouldn't flush
Kiwi claimed "I did it!" with nary a blush
Off he went with nothing to hide
Returning the plunger wet, with great pride
You came up with the term Foremanate
As Kiwi spilled wine on a Yankee mate
We enjoyed your tales, your torn rotator cuff
Complained a little, but not too much
I feel like I've known you for way more years
I loved riding with you, going through the gears
Stories you told us from Montreal to Russia
Of a cross country trip, BC to Nova Scotia
Your smile will be greatly missed, your chortling laugh
As some joke was told, a story about a Kiwi gaff
You made me feel a part and very welcome
To this group of Guzzista, my dear friend William
I was with you when you rode your last ride
But I can hear you say, with nothing to hide
"I did what I loved, I enjoyed you guys
The curvy hiways, the blue blue skies
The freedom I felt, I wanted it to stay
If I had to go, this would be the way
I went quick, friends, don't let it weigh
On your minds, I really enjoyed that day"