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  • Do I need to own a Moto Guzzi motorcycle to be a member?
    No. Membership is open to all motorcycle and Moto Guzzi enthusiasts. We will however provide you plenty of encouragement in getting a new or older bike in your stable.
  • I have a bike for sale. How do I submit my ad ?
    Consult the Selling Guide.
  • I've never owned a motorcycle. How do I obtain an endorsement in Oregon ?
    Motorcycle Endorsement Driver Licensing is provided through Oregon DMV: Endorsement.
  • How do I register a motorcycle in Oregon ?
    Details of motorcycle registration procedures can be found at Oregon DMV: Registering & Titling
  • Are motorcycle rider training classes available?
    Yes. Motorcycle Safety Program Rider Education Courses are provided by Team Oregon. Classes are held at community colleges throughout the state at skill levels for beginner rider, intermediate, experienced and advanced.