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Post your ad here if you are looking to buy or sell a motorcycle or accessories. Consult the Selling Guide below.


1974 Moto Guzzi EldoradoTop

  • 850cc
  • Mileage: 42,224
  • Color: White
  • Location: Georgetown, WA
  • $5,450
    See ad on Craigslist

    2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Top

    • 750cc
    • Mileage: 3,237
    • Color: Black
    • Location: Georgetown, WA
    See ad on Craigslist

    Vintage Saddlebags Top

    • Brackets included
    • Construction: Fiberglass
    • Color: Black
    • Location: Georgetown, WA
    See ad on Craigslist

    2007 Griso Top

    • 1,100cc
    • Mileage: 5,800
    • Color: Red
    • Location: Forest Grove, OR
    $4,800 (OBO)

    Selling Guide Top

    OMGOC Members: Submit any make of motorcycle for sale on this page if you or a family member are the legal owner of the vehicle
    Non-members: You must be offering for sale or seeking to buy a Moto Guzzi or related spare parts. Members' postings take precedence and are listed first, most recent entry at the top. Non-members' postings follow
    Entries over 90 days old will be removed unless you submit a request for renewal
    To submit your ad, e-mail the Webmaster and attach a digital picture if you have one
    If you know how, reduce your portrait images to 480 x 640 pixels and your landscape images to 640 x 480 pixels. If not, send the image as is. Very large or large quantities of images may be rejected by our e-mail system.
    Include the following information:
    • Required: Year of Manufacture
    • Required: Model (Number OR Name OR Both)
    • Required: Cubic capacity
    • Required: Color (unless submitting color picture)
    • Required: Mileage
    • Required: Asking Price ($, $:OBO, $:FIRM, 'OFFERS')
    • Required: Contact Name (First, Last)
    • Required: Tel # OR E-mail address OR Both
    • Required: Vehicle Location (City, State)
    • Optional: Picture (Digital preferred. PRINTS: see below)
    Descriptive / bullet point text is limited to 60 words, excluding contact information
    PRINTS: Photographic prints up to 6" x 4" can be sent Attn: Orguzzi Webmaster, P.O. Box 6973, Portland, OR 97228-6973. If you want the print returned, you must include a self-addressed envelope with letter rate stamp. All care will be taken with your print in its handling and mailing, but no responsibility will be accepted for lost or damaged materials